Letter sent to London Cyclist

I refer to Clarissa Dorner’s letter in London Cyclist (June/July) but have found that parts of the London Cycle Network are dangerous. Some of these routes are very busy, fast or narrow, with large parked cars on both sides. Wide vehicles aren’t banned along these narrow streets. Then of course, they take you into areas where there is high lorry use such as along roads leading into the Olympic sites.

Often along the Network there are no marked cycle paths and not a lot of it is off road. In parts of the East London I can find numerous London Cycle Network ‘horrors’. Where possible I either walk along the pavement if the London Cycle Network is too dangerous or I find smaller roads that are quiet and often deserted. The smaller roads the better as cars find them really awkward to get round unlike some of the London Cycle Network routes, where polluting 18t lorry convoys are positively encouraged.



One response to “Letter sent to London Cyclist

  1. jackgreen88

    If it states it is an approved London Cycle Route then it should have an appropriate Safe Cycling Infrastructure . No half measures,it should be safe to use .Which means banning Parking on narrow Roads,putting in wide dedicated Cycling Lanes and backing up the no Car Parking by rigorous Police Enforcement. No Lorries should be allowed on those Cycling Routes at all.

    It is simple to put in good Infrastructure just do not keep Pandering to the Idea of Traffic Flow being maintained on Routes that are for Cycling. Either you have a Cycling Infrastructure or you dont. No half measures ,no Blue Wash that Mr Boris Johnson has put in place without the Infrastructure being put in ,just Painting narrow Blue Strips on the Road.

    Take the City of London and one Road all the way through the City and through the best Shopping Area which is Regent Streets and Oxford Streets and ban Motorised Vehicles on them at all times,then you will have a safe Cycling Route and Pedestrian Route for Walking.

    Then put in another Route, a best Commuter Route from one End of London to the other and ban Motorised Traffic through it at all times, simple is’nt it. That is two Routes that will be Guaranteed a safe Cycling Route through London.

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