Female Cyclist chased by bear

No, no bear has escaped from London Zoo but this happened in Canada. It’s scary to think that a cyclist couldn’t out run one.

“Kathy Black knows she shouldn’t have taken off on her bicycle when she saw a black bear come out of the woods in Ramara, northeast of Toronto, on Tuesday night. But out of pure adrenaline, she just started pedalling as fast as she could.

“I didn’t react properly this time,” Black said. “I heard a branch break in the bush and the bear came out and snorted. It was only following me because I ran.”

Black, 26, immediately took off on her bike and reached into her back pocket and grabbed her cellphone to call 911.

“I thought, ‘If he gets me, at least someone knows where I am,'” she said.

Black said the bear jogged behind her bike but didn’t run at her or otherwise attack her.

“It didn’t have any intention of attacking me. I did not outrun a bear on my bike. You cannot outrun a bear,” she told QMI Agency.

Black flagged down a passing vehicle and got inside but by that point the bear had already retreated back into the woods.

Deborah Styles, district information officer for the ministry of natural Resources, said if a bear wanted to catch someone it would.

The best thing to do if you come upon a bear, even if you are on bike, is to stop and make yourself look bigger than you really are and make a lot of noise, Styles said.

“Act like the biggest human you can,” she said, adding that you should never turn your back on a bear, just slowly back away.

I also think that jumping into a stranger’s car just as dangerous as being chased by a bear. Some motorists will take advantage of the situation. The only lift I have ever accepted (and this was in an emergency, was a by an elderly couple. I have even refused lifts by ‘kind police’ wanting to do so, it is just your word against them.


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