Driving & Memory Loss

It is scary to think that people who have a major memory loss are driving.

Here is a story from the Sun:

“A WOMAN stuck in a real life Groundhog Day has lived the same 24 hours on repeat for 16 YEARS — because her memory constantly resets itself.

Michelle Philpots, 47, has had NO short term memory since 1994 after suffering head injuries in two separate road accidents.

And just like in Bill Murray’s 1993 hit comedy film she lives the same day over and over again — because her memory of the previous day is always wiped clean.

As soon as she leaves the house she forgets where she is going and will arrive at destinations with no idea why she is there.

She also has no memories before 1994 and even has to be reminded by her husband Ian, 46, of their wedding day in 1997. Ian is forced to show her the album of the big day to prove it happened.

To try and deal with her condition Michelle uses hundreds of post it notes and sets constant reminders on her mobile phone.

Anything she does during the day is completely forgotten by the time she wakes up unless she makes a note of it.

She rarely leaves her home town of Spalding, Lincs, and has to use Sat-Nav to get to the local shops half a mile away.”

and let’s hope she doesn’t drive and use a SAT NAV and uses one of these handheld ones.

Three out of 4 drivers with dementia have been in an accident.

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