NHS Managers and gas guzzling cars

Over the last few months I have spotted sports cars (with an NHS permit) outside some insignificant houses. At first I thought maybe they are into a life of crime or they could be on tick.And these cars really do stick out in some areas compared the rest of the streets which are full of blue and silver ford mondeos. I did think it was a bit odd, particularly in a recession and well, being in the hospital ‘business, but it turns out that they get a whopping allowance, which is totally unnecessary.

The car in question is only about 5-8 miles from the nearest hospital, and easy to get there by train. I agree the road is pretty nasty for cyclists, but they could take the train and cycle. There is no reason for NHS employees to have a sports car, and we are paying for their extravagance too.

They should be ashamed of themselves. More money could be put into life saving technology.


One response to “NHS Managers and gas guzzling cars

  1. jackgreen88

    Handy Number Government Job cannot be Fired on a Rich Gravy Train. They are using Cars like this just because they can and do not have to account to anyone for it.

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