Rude Cyclist

I met a bloke who who was painting by the roadside (oddly enough in deep surburbia), he was painting by the junction. Some of his paintings go to Brazil (apparently they are very keen on ‘English paintings’ and have been snapping them up like hotcakes).

He told me that a cyclist had gone by and gave him a lot of verbal for ‘being at the junction.’ (even though he was painting safely on the verge). Neither of us could understand what the nutter cyclist was going on about.We both agreed he was a sad old git.

Anyway, back to the painting.

The artist was having a job making surburbia look nice. He did somehow try and find ways to make it less boring. He also found it hard to make it look British because of the foreign cars in the driveway ‘they alll look the same’. I did say that he conveyed the potholey road very well and he did a brilliant job of the cyclist peddling through. Turns out that he even drew the scummy cyclist in.


One response to “Rude Cyclist

  1. jackgreen88

    Like the Lady of Shalot in The Poem who was Condemned to a Tower by a Curse of a Witch Queen and she would have to Knit a Picture of everything she saw that passed by the Window. One day a Handsome Prince Rode by on his Milk White Charger as they sometimes do and she was Enamoured by same and the Picture was upset and the Loom was broken. The Witch Swore Terrible Revenge and as far as I know the Prince helped her to escape and the Curse was broken and the Witch Shrivilled up or something and he carried the Girl off to his Kingdom to live happy ever after.

    British Houses are pretty Standard very much like ours in Ireland, same Designers. The nicest ones are the Older Versions pre 1960ties Edwardian and Victorian with Bay Windows,Hopefully on Tree Lined Roads with nice Gardens.

    The worst ones are Mass produced Council Houses all Lumped up together in vast Estates with not much Gardens if at all. Milk Floats are good you still have these in Britain,The last one we had in our Area was discontinued 10 Years ago.

    Back in up to 1970 we had Bread Van Floats and Laundry Van Floats Powered by Battery as well as those Milk Van Floats, but they all disappeared leaving only the Milk Floats. Which gradually began disappearing in Dublin and the last one was as I said 10 Years ago.

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