You collect bikes – You may have Asperger’s

My bf and I were discussing ‘my weirdness’.

And one of them was ‘I like bikes’ a lot, so maybe I have Asperger’s.

It wasn’t just the reason that I liked bikes that made me want to take an Asperger’s Quiz, but the fact that I can’t always understand people’s gestures so face-to-face communication can be difficult.

I also enjoy being alone, can’t stand interruptions, prefer non-fiction and enjoy museums more than gossipy parties.

I did do the test and it came out that I did have some Asperger’s Symptoms at 118, the rest was normal (or is that mainstream and boring?)

I thought it was just because I like more interesting things. I mean, does the fact that I hate boring golf make me have Asperger’s? Why can’t people who like boring stuff like that have their own Syndrome? There must be something wrong with them.

Well I just thought I was interested in bikes because it is healthy, free, and keeps me fit and it’s green but clearly there must be other reasons too. Maybe I am ‘just mad’. Maybe I have some severe brain disorder.

Take an Asperger’s Test and see if you come to the same happy conclusion that you are a happy, and contented bike-cum-Asperger’s Nut.

And bikes are a lot more interesting than collecting lawnmowers, so I suppose I don’t full blown Asperger’s.

Maybe all cyclists have it.

Here’s the Quiz:

3 responses to “You collect bikes – You may have Asperger’s

  1. That sounds like me,I have a Madness for Bikes I have to many. I like unusual Bikes,not the conventional Bikes like MTB or Racing Bikes but mostly Old style Bikes. On the other hand if it was an Older type Racing Bike I would be interested in it.

    I want to replace two of my Bikes for A Tourer but it is hard getting Rid of Bikes,you have to go to the bother of trying to sell them. One is a Raleigh Bike ,typical City Bike and occasional Tripper and the other is the Trek Bike I originally got to replace the Raleigh.

    The other two Bikes are Classic and I would not want to get rid of them,the Brompton Foldy and the Dutch Azor.

    I also like to go off and not be annoyed by People and have to force myself to get involved in different things.

    Does that mean I have Aspergers,I wonder Definitely gone in the Head Eccentric .

  2. I have about 7 but I collect them for different reasons. I think, other than a Brompton, that’s all I need.

    Did you take the test? My partner took it and he was ‘normal’.

  3. jackgreen88

    You have 7 I thought I was bad,I have no more Room since the Shed has a Hole in the Roof and I cannot put anything there and have to put them in the front Room downstairs.

    What is normal,I think everybody is a little Flaky in some way.We all have some sort of Phobia about something,we have to rise above it and stop hesitating.

    I might try that Quiz just for fun.

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