But they have trams in Dublin

My friend Ian took these photos when he went to Dublin a few weeks back.

Now why can’t London have trams?

On some roads, vehicles are banned, but cyclists and trams can use them.

And on this video you can see the difference as on the motorists side, there are emergency sirens and honking! Trams are much safer, cleaner and more enjoyable.


6 responses to “But they have trams in Dublin

  1. We have Trams since around 05 -6 in Dublin and I think they are great. They Travel around 15 – 20 mph with a sort of very quiet Metallic Humming Sound and have these Warning Bells sort of like the Old style Ambulances and Police Cars from Circa 1960.
    There were a few Accidents involving Cars at Junctions on a couple of occasions,nothing unusual in that ,there are always Accidents Involving Cars and Trucks at Junctions. Cars and Trucks are always trying to Race the Lights.

    Apart from that things have gone very Smoothly and People really love those Trams. It is around 11 Miles to the Terminus at the Square in Tallaght/Pronounced Talla and it will get you there in around 45 minutes. Not bad going for a Vehicle Travelling at 15 mph without Traffic getting in the way.

    I have mentioned the Red Cow Roundabout on the Nass Road before on your Site and the Tram goes through this. This is a notorious Bottleneck on the Nass Road for Traffic,passing over the M50 Orbital Motorway. The Name Red Cow is a Townland or District Name from the Days when this area was Agricultural and there are still a few Farms in the Area,but it is full of Industrial Estates and Housing Estates now.. This area was given the Slang term the Mad Cow Roundabout because of all the Frustrated Motorists trying to get Home or head off down the Country on the Major Road the Nass Road/Nace or those trying to get onto the M50Motorway.

    Because of the Tram ,People are able to get Home to Clondalkin or Tallaght in Comfort Speedily without all the Hassle of Driving a Car.

    The Tram has worked very well for Dublin,it gets Quietly to your destination without any Fuss in Safety.

    We had Trams back in the Old Days pre 1950 and they worked very well then and they got rid of them why I do not know. It was the beginning of the Mass use of the Motor Car and maintaining Traffic Flow or Blinkered thinking.

    The Authorities finally realized in Order to move forward they have to move backwards and look after the interests of the People and lessen the effect of the Motor Car. So they have brought back the Trams and are also trying to cut down the usage of the Car. Firstly to improve the Environment and secondly to improve the Health of the Population by getting more People Walking and Cycling,less costs on the Health service through Obesity and Diabetes Heart Attacks and Strokes.

  2. Thanks for the reply, it was a really good write up. Very encouraging.

    Did they ever have trams before say in the 30s? Is it a very new thing? Did they use old tram lines?

  3. jackgreen88

    As I said they had Trams up to 1950 ,starting from the first Horse Drawn one’s in 1880ties then the Electric Tram from the 1900Hundreds up to I think it was 1953.
    It was the Conventional one Bus Carraige type Tram that is still around on Blackpool Prom and other Places like the Isle of Man.

    At that time there was Routes all over Dublin like the Modern Buses with Tram Tracks all over the City.

    By the 1950ties Buses had come on Stream so they decided to get Rid of the Trams and afterwards Regretted it,as it seemed it was Cheaper to Run Trams than Buses.

    Except they did not want the expense of putting in the Tracks again and Buying the Trams,

    Latter Years because of other Countries in the EU putting their Trams back we decided to do the same. There is only two Lines at the moment but they have already extended it a little bit and will continue to Extend it to the Airport. Also they are considering putting in extra Lines.

    There is supposed to be a Metro being Built as well soon but they might Scrap it for the Cheaper Option of the Tram. Either way it is good whatever they do. They are going to have to Tear up O’Connell Street for the Metro and Remove all the Statues and this could take 5 – 8 Years to Build. All of this is still in the Planning Phase and they are still Haggling over the Route of the Metro and because of the Recession it is also slowing things down but they are committed to do the Work.

  4. weefoldingbike

    Be careful what you wish for. Trams are being brought back in Edinburgh and it’s not popular with the local cyclists.

    Wheels fit into the groove of the track.

  5. jackgreen88

    I have 2 Old Photo’s of Dublin of Horse Drawn Trams in 1897 and one also has someone on a Bicycle,I must Post it on the Blog and Facebook.

  6. jackgreen88

    Weefolding Bike.This is true about the Tracks if your Wheels are thin. I got caught once myself so you have to watch out for this. Strictly speaking I do not think you are supposed to go on the Tracks as some parts in the City Centre can be Tricky and are only if you want Access to some Street and you will be on it for a couple of seconds but not for Riding long Stretches.

    When you get further out you cannot go on them at all. I have seen People take desperate chances as some parts you cannot get off the Tramway in a hurry.

    We seem to find them alright and have no problems Cycling between the Tracks you just have to watch what you are doing.

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