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Barclays & Apartheid

This is a message from my friend (he wasn’t surprised about Barclays).

“Indeed yes. I was on demos years ago urging people to boycott Barclays because it supported apartheid. I also switched my own account from the Midland (now part of HSBC) because they invested in arms exports to unsavoury regimes, to the ethical Coop Bank. Also bank with the Nationwide which resisted efforts by de-mutualisers (“carpetbaggers”) to turn into a normal bank, thus saving it from an eventual fate like other B.S such as Northern Rock! )

Barclays Cycle Hire comment website down 20 hours

Just what is going on with them?

Other cyclists have complained that they can’t write any comments.

Good job borisbikes is going to be on the BBC now. But of course, maybe the BBC will delete any negative comments about Barclays.

Borisbikes being interviewed by BBC on cyclehire

“BBC are interviewing me in Hyde Park in 20 minutes! Tweet me any #cyclehire complaints (or praise) you have and I’ll try to mention them.”

Censorship & Independent Forums

As we have seen, Barclays are now heavily moderating cyclists’comments on their Youtube videos, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, has been set up (they are also on Twitter as well) as an independent and more balanced forum. Yes, they may even have negative views.. as well as positive ones. Not the ‘just positive’ ‘anti-green cyclist’ take on it. I have put up a link on the right too.

Now what are Barclays Cycle Hire up to?

I wanted to write comments on their site about the fact that they are deleting comments by cyclists on their videos and their stance on the ‘support for the arms trade’.

But after I filled in my comments I received this:

“Website unavailable

Sorry, the Barclays Cycle Hire website is currently unavailable. Please try again later or call our contact centre on 0845 026 3630 ”

They have only just been launched, and now the site has crashed

The BBC is collecting Cyclehire problems

From Twitter, via Londoncyclist:-

“Having teething problems with London Cycle Hire Scheme? Email with problems and your phone number”

To All Cyclists: Important Barclays Sponsorship Update

The Youtube moniker ‘Barclayscycle’ has removed a lot of cyclist’s comments from their videos.

They only want good PR of Barclays Superhighway and their sponsorship.

If you go into their Youtube videos you will see suddenly ‘comments removed’ and or missing comments.

Have a look and see for yourself.

Barclays don’t like Green Cyclists.

Protesters against Barclays Sponsorship

Just did a short video.. the item wasn’t on Youtube anywhere..

Critical Mass

I wonder how many took out some Cluster Bomb Barclays bikes yesterday. I read that there was free usage.

I bet a lot of ‘baggies’ for ones with slogans…

Distracted Driving: Nuisance Flytippers

I had to go the dentist today and on the way I came across a flyposter from ‘Teak Furniture’ who plastered a dangerous bend with illegal posters.

I rang up the Council and they were very pleased that I rang them. They were disgusted and said they would not give permission to put posters on bends). They were keen to look into this (well, Councils love ‘planning permission’ – in fact they will bend over backwards to try and get money out of people).