Cyclist with Possible Asperger’s

I went into a charity shop and couldn’t resist a jigsaw puzzle of the London Underground for £1.50, and I even got a ‘Portapuzzle’ for a tenner (it is unusual for charity shops to have those).

Does this actually confirm that I do have Asperger’s, what with that and the train jigsaw, seven bikes at home and a Foska London cycling map jersey? I think I have a thing about maps too. I love them.

I wonder if I am the only woman in the whole of the UK who buys London Underground jigsaw puzzles? I am not really into those irritating and boring Victorian, badly sketched jigsaws but this one was nice and quirky, although it looks a bit difficult because it has rather a lot of white in it.

Not only would it combine with ‘my possible’ Asperger’s nicely, it offers relief from having a really shitty day at work, with rude and aggressive businessmen (probably a ‘Tantrum Tory’) who ‘struck this morning’ at 8.15.

A jigsaw puzzle helps me switch off from all customer care conflict. And it is very ‘Slow Movementish’ too.

Unfortunately, I cannot carry it on the bike as the Portapuzzle doesn’t bend in half and I don’t think my bungees are long enough to go round. I will have a go, but am not promising anything. Looks like a long walk home then, looking like some artist.

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