The Red Lion, Hatfield. Review.

I never want to go there again!


3 responses to “The Red Lion, Hatfield. Review.

  1. jackgreen88

    It says they are offering £10 of a Bottle of Wine of your choice for your Meal. What is the exact Price of the Wine,it seems very expensive. Is it Nuits St George or Chateu Neuf du Pape at around £25 a Bottle it would be a bit steep for me. The Wine I get is around €10 or £8 often it is only around €5 – €7. If I am feeling Rich on those rare occasions I might Splurge €14 or £12.

    Why did they not give you the special offer in the first place and why do they keep sending you Advertisements when you said you did not want them. We have a Law if you keep getting unsolicited Mail and you tell them to stop but they keep sending it you can get them into trouble,it is against the Law.

    You do not get anything for nothing,you will have to pay in the long run. These are only Advertising Gimmicks to get you into the Place. You get Nowth for Aowth.

  2. If I am continually annoyed by people like this, I send their advertising back to them, in a packaging also containing a brick. I don’t put postage stamps on the package. They pay. They don’t bother me any more.

  3. In the Hatfield case, after a while I did send their junk mail back without a stamp. That clearly didn’t work.

    I did say that I had enough of all this and that I would write all about it in their local paper:-)

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