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Buy this Bicycle Advocacy Song: Top the Charts

Thanks to the Grave Architects for this excellent song. Could have done with something about those Stupid Highways and Crap Cycle Lanes though!

Mail on Sunday Traffic Collision Investigator Article

There was a six page article in the Daily Mail today (which was free) on the incident of feral motorist Phillipa Curtis who killed another motorist Victoria McBryde whilst chatting on a mobile phone.

I was quite impressed how detailed it was for a Tory paper. (Incidently it did sink really low when I saw a photo of Celebrity Chef Jamie Martin posing by a car blocking a country lane, looking smug) later on in the Supplement.

It was also interesting to read that McBryde couldn’t get an extension to her mother’s RAC policy while she was stuck alone at night on the motorway.

And that’s yet another reason not to have a car: hassles from rescue firms. Why don’t motorists check they are covered before driving on the motorway? I just don’t understand it.

The article stated that 116,000 feral motorists were caught in 2008 driving with a handheld phone.

The killer motorist hired Richard Latham QC who is ‘widely regarded as one of Britain’s best criminal lawyers. These lawyers cost up to £500 an hour. This guy also prosecuted Ian Huntley of the Soham Case.

However considering how many motorists drive using a mobile phone surely this ‘top lawyer knew’ the police had her phone and all the details and there was a chance that she used it.Why didn’t he ask her then! And yet the barrister tried to blame it on the other motorist saying that she may not have had her lights on in the dark as the killer did not see her. That is such a feeble excuse. I thought he did some basic ‘prep work’. He must be aware that the RAC record calls tooand the police are bound to try and get a copy of it. He is supposed to be experienced. Prep work is £145 an hour. Oh well, it was no wonder she got sent to jail then! Shame isn’t it?

Curtis was sent to jail for just 20months. Very poor though. Did you know that only 41 dangerous motorists got jail sentences of over 6 years (I think was the most recent road safety report which I read recently in the Times. It was one of the lowest, but sexual offences had over 1000.

The family of McBryde asked for stiffer sentences for feral motorists “it is the only way people will get the message’.

Since this accident, the Government has introduced the offence of causing death by careless driving in order to drop the balance of evidence needed to prosecute after an accident.

Before this, feral motorists involved in fatal accidents would faced the offence of careless driving if the police and CPS felt there was insufficient evidence to prove gross negligence on the part of the

With the Government cuts, there will be less enforcement (that will please Mail on Sunday readers).

“People will think ‘you’ve got enough resources to stop me using my mobile but not when I complain about my garden shed being broken into”.

Fortunately Gary Baldwin, a traffic collision investigator also said ‘but they haven’t seen the horrific results of a fatal traffic collision, I have – and it is high time we faced this problem”.