Phoney Cyclists

These particular ones are motorists who use bikes as a gimmick for sneaky ‘free advertising’ and hog our cycle racks for hours on end. They put them in prime locations which makes it really annoying for other people who want to use the shops.

I don’t mind if the businessmen or women put it by their own property but they don’t. They have blatent disregard for real cyclists.

I wrote to the council and they replied and said:

“Thank you for your enquiry regarding the businesses that are advertising in the cycle racks in the High Street.

We would like to inform you that the inspector for the area will be going to visit the site and speak to the businesses who place their advertisements there in order to get them to remove the offending items.”

It was a bit of a ‘standard letter’ but I hope they go and speak to the businessman concerned.


One response to “Phoney Cyclists

  1. We have the same sort of thing in Dublin although it is always outside their Property or their Shop is up a Lane away from the Parking Stand. They usually use an Ancient Bike with Plastic Flowers in it and the Advertisement on the side of the Bike for their Shop.

    So by right they are using a Parking Stand Illegally to Advertise and should not be doing it. I dont know what the Law is on leaving it outside their own Shop,it is a Gray Area.

    In a Seaside Area a Wine Shop has an Old Raleigh or Humber outside their Shop but it is not attached to a Parking Stand so it is doing no Harm. In the City on the other Hand they Park the Bike against a Cycling Stand.

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