A Petrolhead comment to me on Youtube

“Another cycle mentalist, you would ban all cars if you could wouldn’t you? Unfortunatly (sic) for you the economy relies on cars and the people who drive them, some people forget that.”

I reply with:

It doesn’t help the economy if motorists are killing taxpayers.


One response to “A Petrolhead comment to me on Youtube

  1. jackgreen88

    Too many Cars that is the problem and the wrong attitude,there is a strong unwillingness to do anything about it. They do a lot of Talking and then do nothing in the End.

    They would want to make more Traffic free areas in the Cities and Towns .I would like to see Traffic Banned in all the Cities and Towns completely save for Public Transport Cycling and Walking. All those Beautiful Villages,think what it would be like if the Traffic was not allowed pass through them or only at a Snails pace.

    The Infrastructure they have at the moment is not working,too many Cars Clogging up the Streets they have to restrict access.

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