Rip Off Pub

The main meal (above) was £9. Yes, £9.

I went there for a birthday meal. I was ‘recommended’ to go there by customers I spoke to who had complained about the arrogant landlord. Apparently one disabled customer was told that he ‘wasn’t allowed to talk to other guests’. And this is a pub!

Therefore, in a change of my usual birthday treats, I’d thought I have a ‘horrible birthday’.. but on the bright side, I could write SEVERAL ONLINE REVIEWS.


Firstly, I noticed that there were no bike racks (and therefore it had no ‘green policy’). I said in the review that it made cyclists feel ‘unwelcome’.

When the meal was £9 but all I got was just macaroni cheese and a small bowl of salad. Sure it was on the menu, but there wasn’t much of it. It was like a kid’s meal. Chips and veg were extra. Normally pubs are quite good and give you loads. And this pub wasn’t a fancy gastropub.

I immediately got up and said ‘Is this really £9?. The manager said yes.

I said I’d like a refund. He would only offer £1.

£2, I said. But still he still refused.

He didn’t give me some more macaroni ‘as a goodwill gesture’. I said with prices like that it is no wonder pubs are closing down. (good one!).

I then said my brother is out there and we could both leave right now.

In the end he gave me a full refund, (maybe he was scared of my brother) and after that I heard someone else want a refund. He said to me, in front of the others, ‘oh, you’ve have set a trend now’.

Then he tried to get my name and address to send me a letter. I refused. I think he was trying to pacify me so that I wouldn’t write a review!

We saw some cyclists on the way to the pub. It turns out that one was my brother” lodger. I said that I had to take my meal back and got a refund and how the service was appalling.

BTW in one of the reviews of this pub, one person said they saw some BNP leaflets.

I came home and plastered my reviews online.

One response to “Rip Off Pub

  1. jackgreen88

    That was Steep £9 that works out at €10 – 11 Euro for a pretty basic Meal. We can get a Carvery Lunch for that here in a lot of Pubs although the Drinks would be extra perhaps. Our Pubs in outlying areas do not have Cycle Parking either and you have to Lash them to whatever is available like Gates or Benches or if you are in a Group then Chain the Bikes together.

    That is weird not being able to Talk to other Guests ,it is a Pub after all it is what you do.He must think it is a high Class Restaurant or maybe a Library. You did right to demand a Refund and the bad Review will hopefully Pep him up to improve the Service.

    These Pubs are Ten A Penny now and Screaming out for Customers especially in out of the way places.They mostly depend on the Food Trade now because of the Drink Drive Limit. People are just not taking the Risk of Driving to a Pub and taking Drink so these Country Pubs are in a bad way now and a lot are Closing down.

    It is in their interest to provide a good Food Service or else close down through lack of Customers.

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