The ‘Road Tax’ debate continues


One response to “The ‘Road Tax’ debate continues

  1. jackgreen88

    They are always Cribbing about paying Tax,everybody is Paying Tax for the Roads and not just Motorists. Yet it is the Motorists who are Damaging the Roads the most and the worst Offenders are those Buses and Trucks.

    Go for a Cycle around our Streets and you will find on the Main Routes for Buses that the Roads are most Damaged. Particularly at Bus Stops and on Corners. Then anytime Trucks pass through the Streets it contributes to the Damage to the Roads and Pavements with Trucks driving on them especially around Corners.

    To cut down on expenses to the Road Network Restrict Access to Motor Vehicles in our Cities and Towns,and Limit the amount of Cars Families can own. Less Cars more Savings all round also less Costs to the Health Service with Unhealthy People Suffering from Obesity,Diabetes,Lung Trouble from Pollutants also Cancers from long term Exposures to Petro Carbons.

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