Building Tall Buildings increases Lightening Strikes

As more and more high rise buildings are being built in London, the City will have to face more and more lightening strikes.

And, as cyclists, we will get the brunt of this too, unlike ‘protected motorists’.

These tall buildings are messing around with nature.


3 responses to “Building Tall Buildings increases Lightening Strikes

  1. jackgreen88

    I dont like Tall Buildings they Rob the Light and make the City more Depressing than it is. The City Planners in Dublin want to put in high Rise but so far it has been Resisted and the Recession has put a stop to their Gallop for the moment.

    U2 the Rock Group are leading the Charge to put up a high Rise Building but there have been huge objections and they had to revise the plans.

    For over a Century or more the Regulations stated that they go no higher than Five Story but this has been more or less thrown out and in a lot of areas they can go 6 or 8 Story.

    In a few areas it is now possible for them to build a high rise Skyscraper once all the Objections have been Ironed out,but there is still a reluctance there. The only high Rise in Dublin is Liberty Hall the 17 Story ITGWU Union HQ Built in the 1960ties now called SIPTU.

    In Cork City there is the City Hall Offices which are I think 20 Story.

    High Rise Buildings make a City very Dark,it Blocks out the Sun and also causes Updrafts of high Winds.

    I do not like the Idea of them causing Lighting as well.

  2. You should be ok as a cyclist, but only while you’re actually cycling; I think the tyres will insulate you and should protect you from a strike. The problem is that as soon as you stop, you’ll be in danger as your foot then acts as an earth. The answer is to wear rubber boots, or learn to track-stand.

  3. There seem to be so many myths it is difficiult to know what to do. I think, if I can, I will try and avoid going out in one.

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