Lawless Motorists face up to £10 billion in fines

(The Daily Mail actually wrote ‘Every driver faces average fines of £283 in a lifetime).

This means that the standard of driving in Britain is so poor that fines, that should have been avoidable, have to be slapped on these incompetent motorists.

Just £283 each? I suspect it’s a lot more over a lifetime.

It just means that these lawless motorists aren’t fit to drive on the road, let alone the motorway.

Surely if they are driving in such a diabolical way, taking an Advanced Driving course should be made compulsory or just that just another ‘cost’ for the feral motorist?

Apparently ‘fines are a war on the motorist’, according to Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond (even though they have brought them totally on themselves.)

The Daily Mail naturally failed to mention that lots of feral motorists aren’t paying for their fines anyway, preferring to spend it on their little furry dice and personalised number plates instead.

2 responses to “Lawless Motorists face up to £10 billion in fines

  1. jackgreen88

    They are probably half a Sleep most of the time and Crashing into Poles and Things. Those Mobile Phones are Lethal,they have a Phone to their left Ear and do not see the Cyclist’s on their left until it is nearly to late,this is what happened to me with a SUV Driver nearly Running me down at slow Speed.

    All those Pavement Parking and Speeding Fines and no Insurance or Tax or bad Tyres or bits hanging off their Cars.

    Over here a lot of these Tickets were Rendered Invalid over some Technicality from time to time. They sometimes get away with it.

  2. Hardly a war, more a tax on stupid people who can’t drive properly.

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