Strange things are happening

I usually whine about cyclists being unfriendly, but this morning, one cyclist said “Good Morning” and one did a nod. Shock! They were also commuters.

I had to do a double take. At first I thought I was hearing and seeing things.

Of course, they could be ‘northerners’, Irish or American tourists…

Now do find ‘southern cyclists’ plain weird, although I don’t really include London cyclists under that umbrella.

Now if they were Tory cyclists, I did wonder whether I was ‘wearing Tory clothes’ and they ‘considered me safe’ to talk to and ‘not like a communist misfit’.

Dammingly, I was wearing pinstripe trousers and a blue stop. Maybe that says it all:-)

I think I will wear commie red tomorrow.

Another strange thing happened. At work we have a few ‘dusty old Tory toffs’ who come in for their networking meetings in blazers (yes, people still wear those), with their jags and BMWS. I overheard Blazer One saying that he saw another Blazer out cycling. In fact, it was such a shock for Blazer One, that he just had to mention it to him.

Still that’s good news, one Tory Toff on a bike. at long last and not driving the wrong way on a motorway and incurring all these self-inflicted fines.


One response to “Strange things are happening

  1. jackgreen88

    Yes a bit of Amsterdam Style Suited Gent wearing a Blazer on a Bike hopefully not wearing a Plastic Hat.

    You cut the right Dash in your Pin Stripe Trousers as well. A Sloane Ranger Girl on Her Bike going to some Business Conference no Doubt. The right sort of Gel to have around,our sort of People.

    At this moment they are probably thinking of getting a Pashley Sovereign,the right sort of Bike for a Suited Business Type Gent.

    Frankly Old Chap the Old Jag and Bently are getting a Tad to expensive now to Run. It is the coming thing now for a City Gent to be seen on a Pashly in a nice Banana or Beige Coloured Suit going down Whitehall with the Old Briefcase in the Clip on the Rear Carrier.

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