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If one of your group is struck by lightning

I found this on a bike forum:

1. If a member of your party gets hit by lightning start emergency treatment immediately.

2. A person is not electrified after being hit by lighting and a full 80% of people that are hit by lightning recover.

3. If a person has no pulse or heartbeat start performing CPR.

4. Treat electrical burns as you would any other. Neurological and internal injuries are possible.

5. It’s possible for someone to be hit by lightning and be practically uninjured.

The bike forum thread is on http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-54761.html and I have also put it on the link on the right under Category ‘Weather’.

US Cyclist survives Lightning Strike

An article from Examiner.com (2009)

“Terri Menghini was struck by lightning while training for an Ironman near Boulder, Colorado.

The mother of 5 was riding mile 78 of her 100-mile bike ride on North Foothills Highway just ourside of Boulder, Colorado near Longhorn Road, when the sky turns dark and she saw lightning in the distance.

“I thought, ‘I’m two miles from my car. That’s about five minutes. I’m going to go for it,'” Menghini said.

“There was one lightning bolt and within a minute, the second one got me,” she added.

Menghini passed out and when she woke up she could not move her arms and there were people standing over her holding umbrellas.

She was taken to Boulder Community Hospital were she was treated for her injuries, which included a temporary loss of eye sight, fortunately she was mostly uninjured and she was eventually released.”

Now I think I would rather ‘wait’ somewhere safe before going out and hope for the best.

However, this is not always possible if you are a bike commuter as you have to be at work. My route takes me past some high trees but I try to go past them very quickly.

When I was at home some years back, I heard a fire engine down the road. It turns out that lightning struck a nearby tree by my workplace and there was a sudden power cut in the area. I heard the massive bang from where I lived 3 miles away. Near the tree there was an electricity box.

I was pretty lucky I missed that one!