The Autobahn bans motorists

In Germany they had a cultural festival and closed the Autobahn to make way for a massive party:

From Sky News today:

One lane of the Autobahn was kept free for skaters and cyclists, while comedians, birthday parties and even a wedding featured on other sections of the motorway.

Organisers were expecting newly-weds and their guests to sit down at the world’s longest wedding banquet.

Motorists have been advised to avoid the area.”

You can’t imagine Brits doing this because of the car supremascist and couch potato lifestyle but could this be a sign of the future; maybe one day we will have parties on the M25 in 50 year’s time.

It is certainly much better than the regular bloodbath that we have on our motorways which have to be closed down for hours due to numerous crashes.

We don’t want a bloodbath we want a party. And we want to cycle on the motorways!


2 responses to “The Autobahn bans motorists

  1. What happens when the Oil runs out,we will be left with a lot of very Expensive empty Motorways. Then the only People using them will be Cyclists and Horse and Carts.

    Back to the Future sort of Mad Max Culture of People Hijacking those that have Petrol left in their Cars. Evil Warlords selling Petrol on the Black Market at huge Prices.

    While Cyclists just Pedal on by Laughing at all the Petrol Heads stranded Squabbling over the last bit of Fuel.

    I can see a lot more Deepwater Horizon Disasters of Oil Companies Digging ever deeper under the Oceans in search of Oil and Explosions causing huge Ecological Disasters.

  2. alexwarrior1

    No way they’d do that here either… They’re widening the Highway 1 freeway in Vancouver, and so during construction they’ve lowered the speed limit a little bit to make it more safe for the construction workers. So of course the news article comments are full of comments being very angry about having to slow down from 100 km/hr to 80, and about how it’s actually a secret government plan to make money on speeding tickets… There were a few comments threatening the lives of construction workers, but they have been removed

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