Boyfriend’s speeding dad: Update

I asked J whether his Daily Mail-reading-pensioner-dad , who was caught speeding, has taken a course for ‘bad drivers’ and I am pleased to say that he now has.

I didn’t get much info out of it other than he thought that ‘it was complete a waste of time’ and that it ‘was patronising’.

(Personally I think it is hilarious to see a grown man, who thinks he can drive, do the course). I wonder if he was surrounded by teenage yobs too, all the ‘sorts of people’ a Daily Mail reader, wouldn’t want to mix with.

Now it turns out that these speed cameras have unleashed ‘an OAP Captain Gatso’ – he said that he wants to shoot them down with airgun.

Naturally this was alarming particularly as he keeps mentioning it.

I asked J if he possesses an airgun. He said no.

I said let me know when he does.

I did say that some lawless motorists who attack speed cameras are actually caught have to pay for the damage. I also said that these speed cameras are very expensive and the thugs will have to pay for the damage. Police are now having special CCTV cameras only monitoring anti-social behaviour.

On the bright side, he hasn’t been caught speeding since.


One response to “Boyfriend’s speeding dad: Update

  1. So he did not learn anything from it at all and thought it was Patronising. It is supposed to be Patronising,how else is he going to learn not to go over the Limit.

    He also is thinking about Shooting at a Speed Camera. He should have been Banned from Driving for a few Months with a Hefty Fine.

    He does not think he has done anything wrong.

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