I have gone off Friends of the Earth

I was interested to read Freewheeler’s (www.crapwalthamforest.blogspot) post on Friends of the Earth on how they are desperate to get Green party ‘supporters’ even though the charity is crawling over David Cameron and the Royals, something that we bikehuggin’ lefty greenie Republicans cannot abide. It appears that the charity cannot see that.They seem to be pandering to the climate change sceptic Tories.

I also am not happy with ‘supporter type’ organisations too. Quite frankly, it stinks.

It is no wonder their ‘supporters’ are dropping off in droves.


One response to “I have gone off Friends of the Earth

  1. I suppose they want more of a Clout in Government if they can get some Green Party Members on their side. All these Organisations generally are more or less mixed up with various different Groups or Parties.

    So you might have a Green with Affiliations with Protecting Rural England or the Architectural Heritage or Friends of the Earth or other Campaign Groups.

    People have an interest in various different things like save the Whales or Ecology or the Greens or other stuff.

    Various interest Groups always try to get Politicians on their side to promote their causes.

    It would be wrong of them to pick the Tories who are against promoting the Environment and are Pro Car use.

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