Daily Archives: July 22, 2010

Motorists faffing over parking space

Women motorists battle over a parking space. Watch out for the dozy traffic warden.

How to drive dangerously

This is a animation on how to drive incompetently. In the video, motorists look like twats, and of course, many are.

A clip of the Cycle ‘Super’Highway

Some of it, I am pleased to say, is off road, although next to highly polluted roads.

Duh! More Motorist ‘excuses’

I read this in a forum about a motorist who was involved in a serious crash.

“the other driver didnt think stop signs were in operation first thing in the morning.”

1.30am Video

I couldn’t get to sleep, and the neighbour’s chimney doesn’t help, as it stinks the place out.

This simple video is mainly to highlight one of my bugbears – the safety of passengers and how the motorist just couldn’t care less about you so you have to make a stand by refusing or checking their licence to make a decision.
It may be an odd thing to do, but at the end of the day, the motorist doesn’t give a fig about your life.

Too many lives are lost because passengers foolishly trust the motorist.