1.30am Video

I couldn’t get to sleep, and the neighbour’s chimney doesn’t help, as it stinks the place out.

This simple video is mainly to highlight one of my bugbears – the safety of passengers and how the motorist just couldn’t care less about you so you have to make a stand by refusing or checking their licence to make a decision.
It may be an odd thing to do, but at the end of the day, the motorist doesn’t give a fig about your life.

Too many lives are lost because passengers foolishly trust the motorist.

2 responses to “1.30am Video

  1. It happened to me once I accepted a lift from an acquaintance of mine who was Working on the House doing Repairs. He drove like a Lunatic,a Brake Driver who fancied himself as a Racing Driver. His family were Car Mad and always Racing them and Tuning them up and also had a few Cars. He had the Habit of going at a fast Speed and then Jamming on the Brakes at the last minute and also cornering real fast.

    I said never again,you are a Bloody Lunatic and should be Banned from Driving. Then someone else mentioned that he always drove like that.

    Years ago I have been to Celebrations and Christmas Parties and gotten Lifts Home from Workmates who had Consumed a fair amount of Alcohol. These were invariably Old Tossers who were Drinking and Driving for Years and you would not even know that they had been Drinking.

    All of this has changed of course over the Years you do not come across this so much now. The Rules and Regulations have been tightened up long ago. It is not the done thing and is Frowned upon,it is only done by the Lushes who cannot keep away from the Booze. But still you do get some People who take chances and Drink to much occasionally and then attempt to drive.

    Some Public House owners manage to take the Keys off them and Order a Taxi but this is rare.

  2. I am glad that you told the motorist in no uncertain terms. They will hate that of course and think that they have done nothing wrong.

    I think it is great if public house owners take the keys off motorists but they also have responsibility not to get them drunk in the first place.

    Where I am they wouldn’t dream of doing that because they think ‘it would harm repeat business’. In fact they encourage people to booze like lunatics with all these ‘Happy Hour’ type offers. I would love to complain about it but I would be sacked!

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