A clip of the Cycle ‘Super’Highway

Some of it, I am pleased to say, is off road, although next to highly polluted roads.


2 responses to “A clip of the Cycle ‘Super’Highway

  1. jackgreen88

    One half of the Film seems to be in Outer Suburbia where they have more Room to put in a Segregated Cycleway without narrowing the Roads and Upsetting the Poor Motorists,it looks good although as you say this was Sunday.

    The worse part is in more built up Areas where Cars are,those Junctions might cause problems.

    Cyclists are not being given Priority over Cars at Junctions. Cyclists can be Doored by Car Doors Opening. In the Town Areas not much seems to have Changed except Blue Squares and sometimes Stripes have been Painted.It is hard to be Objective about this Film due to the Speed of the Video although it cannot be helped because you wanted to show the Route.

    It will be interesting when it is a Normal Working Weekday to see if those Motorists Respect the Cyclists and keep off the Blue Stripes.

  2. Seriously?; I know the A13(?) cycleway isn’t a Cycle Superhighway invention so, all those left turn signal crossings… just don’t get me started, but the cutting through Canary Wharf and the blue squares on the courtyard? Is this seriously the route?

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