Duh! More Motorist ‘excuses’

I read this in a forum about a motorist who was involved in a serious crash.

“the other driver didnt think stop signs were in operation first thing in the morning.”


2 responses to “Duh! More Motorist ‘excuses’

  1. The Funny thing is that is the Time when most Accidents Happen,very late at Night or first thing in the Morning. People rushing Home from being out Socializing not necessarily after taking Booze but just Tired, and those Rushing to Work often Commuting very long Distances.

    You have to watch out for Traffic on these Empty Roads. Because mostly these People are thinking the same thing as you,there is nothing on the Road and so I can Speed along it without bothering about other Traffic.

  2. Very true.

    If they cannot understand a STOP sign, then the motorist should be hauled screaming off the road.

    They are a danger to other motorists as well.

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