Motorists & Passengers

This is an excerpt from motorist blog ‘The Safe Driver’:-

“We all go in the car with our friends and family and become passengers, but sometimes we really prefer to drive. It’s not always about being in control. It’s often about staying alive.

We’ve all come across drivers who scare us when they’re driving. They either go too fast when they shouldn’t or weave in and out of traffic. Sometimes they end up distracting themselves so much that they forget they’re driving. I’ve seen and heard how drivers will reach into the backseat to retrieve something while they’re driving. Do they have an issue about staying focused on driving? Do their passengers distract them? Have you ever thought about what can you do, as a passenger, to help the driver stay focused and drive safely?

One of the things I’ve often said to my students when they’re driving with their friends is to show their friends that they have control over the vehicle and can make safe, logical driving choices. If they do this, their friends will notice what they’re doing over time and may start to drive in the same manner. You know the old saying of “monkey see, monkey do”.

Don’t say anything to them; let them watch you drive through the difficult situations. Once you’ve reached your destination, ask them how they felt about the ride. If they say you drove well, explain to them what you did differently, compared to when they drove. Perhaps it will shed some light on their driving.

The other thing you can do as a passenger is to turn your cell phone ringer off when they’re driving. Leave it on vibrate so the sound won’t distract the driver. Avoid having a vivid conversation with other passengers so the driver isn’t thinking about the conversation. Keep the conversations to a minimum and if there’s more than one person in the backseat, try to keep the conversation to just those in the backseat. It’s sometimes difficult to hear what’s being said from the back when you’re in the front.”

Personally I think all motorists can’t be trusted.. go by bike whenever you can or take public transport. They have lost our trust years ago, and it really doesn’t help if they can’t be ar*ed to educate themselves further and not take an Advanced Driving Test. That says it clearly that they have no interest in good driving and they couldn’t give a toss about their passengers.


One response to “Motorists & Passengers

  1. I think a load of People in a Car Chatting away can be very dangerous. Especially some Young People out for the Night,it can be Lethal.

    There was a Terrible Accident in Donegal about two Weeks ago over the same thing. A Group of 8 Young Men coming Home or going to a Function Crammed into a Car, crashed into one Car coming towards them. Then careered onward a few Hundred Metres and crashed into another Car on a Country Road. The first Car had its Wheel and Bodywork Smashed up while the Second Car the Driver was Killed a 63 Year Old Man coming Home from Bingo. In the Young Mens Car 7 of them were Killed and the Driver seriously Injured. That made 8 People Killed all told,it was the worst single Accident for Years.

    This Place is an Notorious Area for bad Accidents with an Accident nearly every Week,5 were killed in a single Car Accident some Years ago.

    So there is a problem with Groups of Young People in Cars probably Laughing and Joking and possibly giving each others shoves and this must Irritate the Person Driving them. It is bad enough with one Person continually Yapping away while Driving without a Gang doing the same thing and Shoving each other as well.

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