A London cyclist comments on Barclays’ Cycle Superhighway Video

I am sure Barclays will be glad to hear what London cyclists have to say about it.

I will put it here before Barclays ‘moderate’ it:-)

“Disgusting corporate corruption. Now we have the whole of central London covered in BARCLAYS electric blue paint reminding us of a effing BANK every time we cycle anywhere. Thanks BARCLAYS and Boris for ruining how London looks with wildly clashing bright blue paint. Corporate sponsorship is out of control, someone needs to effing do something about these criminals trashing our city with their effing branding. Oh and have a look at Clapham High Street, at all the cars parked in the new lanes. ”

ps Effing = only of politeness I didn’t use the actual word in the comments.

I don’t think this cyclist was as happy as Barclays and Boris like to think.

One response to “A London cyclist comments on Barclays’ Cycle Superhighway Video

  1. I like it,the more People complain about it on their Site the Better.Also keep complaining about Boris bringing it in in the various Newspapers and anything else. Sooner or later hopefully it will become a Political Cause at Election times by Opposition Politicians.

    It will make them bring in meaningful Infrastructure that really works. Not that I like any Politicians but if you can get them Fighting over it then so much the better.

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