Barclays Cycle is on Youtube!

That means you can write a comment about what you think of their Cycle Stupid Highways. They need a lot more comments – they only have two, and interestingly, only positive ones. Over 9000 have looked at the video, they moderated the comments? Please write in.

NB ‘Barclayscycle’ is their moniker.

Remember they supported South Africa during Apartheid.


One response to “Barclays Cycle is on Youtube!

  1. Yes I made a few comments on U Tube. I said that they are still allowing Traffic to Drive on them and they Should have made them Segregated with Parity for Cyclists at Junctions. All they had to do was copy the Netherlands and put in what they have.
    Get Rid of those Trucks Driving through the City as well as those Death Trap Railings. Instead of spending all that Money on Blue Paint just Bar Traffic on the Major Roads through London.

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