Top Gear motorists look away

One of the places I have always want to go is Montana, not for the cycling, but the horse riding, I am still a horsewoman at heart.

Unfortunately due to my rubbish salary there is little chance of that but I still enjoy watching horses in Montana and the suburb wild scenery.

Here are some cowboys moving wild horses, and look how slow the motorists are. They really need to be. The video shows the art of good horsemanship.

However, it would be a bit scary to be a cyclist on the other side of the road…it is a lot safer to watch it on Youtube.


One response to “Top Gear motorists look away

  1. jackgreen88

    Tradition I suppose ,it is an accepted thing every so often to Round up Wild Horses in the Area. Those Motorists are Locals and are part of the Scene,they would not dare complain.

    If you want to see loads of Horses Perform in Show Jumping and also see an Agricultural Show as well as a Trade Display. Where you can Buy Horse Tack, Furniture ,Paintings and loads of other Stuff.

    Then come over to Dublin for the RDS Horse Show in Ballsbridge,it is on for the Week until Saturday or Sunday. The Highlight of the Week is the Aga Khan Cup or Nations Cup on Friday.

    Then there is Puck Fair in Killorglin County Kerry which is on round about now I am not sure of the Date. It is an Ancient Festival Dated from the time of the Druids. They Capture a Mountain Goat and Crown it with a Golden Crown and Parade through the Town and Heist it up on a Tower for the Three Day Festival. They have a Festival Queen which has to be a Young Girl no Older than 11 – 15.

    They have a Cattle Fair on one Day then a Horse Fair on the next Day. Where People buy and Sell all Kinds of Horses.

    The Streets of the small Town is very narrow with a Hill through it. The Cattle and Horse Fair is at the Top of the Town Hill and the Whole Place is Literally Covered with Cow and Horse Manure on those 2 Days. The Shopkeepers usually have their Windows Shuttered to Prevent Damage from the Cattle who sometimes Escape and run through the Town. It is like the Wild West,which indeed it is as Kerry is in the South West of Ireland. The Pubs stay open All Night for the Three Days and it was once very Wild but has Calmned down now Latter Years.

    I was there Once Years ago and it was great Fun.
    The other great Horse Fair is in Ballinasloe which I think is in Clare or Galway Worth going to because it is even bigger than Puck Fair.

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