Football Factory Actor Danny Dyer drives Porsche with no driving Licence

The Sun today exposed Football Factory star Danny Dyer as a feral motorist. He drove a Porsche on the motorway despite being a learner driver and he had no qualified driver with him. He showed pure contempt for the law and road safety.

To top it all, a day later, knowing that he was only a learner driver, he picked up a woman with a young boy and girl and drove them to Epping Forest (where I cycled). He chose to risk other people’s lives.

Dyer’s vehicle displayed no L plates.

Though RoSPA blasted them and RAC said that “motorists without a full licence were automatically uninsured if they broke strict laws about having L plates and a qualified driver”, the police, strangely, had no comment to make, even though the learner driver was also driving on the motorway, the Sun said.

He has a Twitter account but who knows if it is verified or not.

I shall write an email to Sun Journalist to thank the journalist for capturing the story and maybe find out if the police were called.

I would ask those who find what Dyer did was appalling, to boycott all movies with him in it.


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