Friends of the Earth – Part II

I had a meeting with a friend who is a Green Councillor (well, one of these ‘off and on ones’ and he was telling me that his FoE membership was coming for up for renewal in a few day’s time.

I was reminded of the recent Daily Mail story of an FoE executive supporting Tory Environmental policies and gas guzzling ‘r’oyals, he was quite surprised – no, he was disgusted.

I said that I would send the link that Freewheeler up recently.

My friend is on a Sustainability Committee this week and FoE HQ will be on the same Committee too. Fancy that. He promises to have a word to them about this.

It should be an interesting meeting.


One response to “Friends of the Earth – Part II

  1. I see that the Tories are Cutting the Budget to Help the Roll out of the Electric Car by 80% from£ 230 Million Pounds to £ 43 and will Review it in 2012. They are also cutting the Charging Points in the Streets as well. They were supposed to be providing 25% of the cost Price of the Electric Cars but it will only be around 6,000 actual Cars and this will translate to £5,000 of a Grant per Car. So loads of Pollution on the Streets of London care of the Tories.

    This was Originally Promoted by Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party ,so they are very annoyed by the Tories almost Scrapping their Plan.

    I know Electric Cars are not really Emission Free by reason of the Emissions from the Power Stations that provide the Electricity,but it is still a very good Idea as it cuts down on the Pollution from those Cars.

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