Pen & Ink practice

I sat in the park this afternoon on a day off work and had a go at doing a pen and ink drawing. I have never done this before, but I liked the result. I am really look forward to trying new subject and exploring this medium.

3 responses to “Pen & Ink practice

  1. It is nice,looking good.

  2. The medium is great for doing trees. I will take my ink and sketchbook where I go now. This is so quick to do – another bonus!

    I am at work today which is a pain so can’t do anything today.

    Ahh just when I discovered I can do this. Maybe I will have a go at doing my workplace and see what happens.

  3. jackgreen88

    That is the reason I got them,you dont have to worry about messy Paints especially Oil Paints.

    Even Water Colours is messy too ,less fuss with Inks.. You have the option of bringing a few different Colours or just one .

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