Today’s Abuse from a Female 40-something blonde motorist

I was walking my bike in the countryside by some bends (where it is 60mph but there are SLOW and Caution Horses signs) and I walked on the opposite side as you do so that oncoming motorists see you.( It is too dangerous to cycle on the bend.) Then I crossed over so that other motorists could see me from the other bend, and a motorist yelled at me ‘You are on a Bend!. The Kent motorist, in her black car (not very road safety conscious), assumed that I must jump in the hedge to make way for her. She wanted to overtake on the bend but another car was on the other side. So it was the walker’s ‘fault’ for walking on the road ‘ even though there is no pavement. Perhap the country road ‘is just for motorists’.

This is what BRAKE have to say about walking on the roads with no pavements:

“It sounds obvious, but walking in the road because there’s no pavement means you have to take care and stay close to the edge. Listen out for approaching traffic and get ready to leap into the bushes. You never know when it could be an idiot driver who might not stop in time if you are in the road.”

I don’t really like the aggressive way motorists are forcing walkers to ‘jump into hedges’.


One response to “Today’s Abuse from a Female 40-something blonde motorist

  1. jackgreen88

    It is a Nightmare on these Country Roads Cycling along and Cars Whizzing by you ,you dont know if they are going to Hit you or not. That speed Limit of 60Mph is to much with the Potential for Horses also on the Road it could be Lethal for the Rider and Horse and also the Stupid Driver.

    They think they should be able to go at that Speed Constantly without slowing down or Stopping at Bends or for Walkers and Horses.

    There should be a Review of those Speed Limits on Narrow Country Roads,make them at least 30 Mph. Even at that Speed it is advisable to slow down at a Bend because you never know what is behind it. There could be Walkers or a Cyclists or Horses or even some Car broke down.

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