Cyclopark to open in Kent, Spring 2010

The Cyclepark will be based in Northfleet, in Kent. It will open in March ‘subject to Coalition funding ie cuts).

It is supposed to have something for all cyclists – a cafe, bike festival events (this is good news), cycloart (more good news), something for kids (but hopefully it won’t be a giant creche), mountain biking, duathons etc.

I think this is a great start … as far as Kent goes, which is reknowned for its pro-motorist ‘build more roads’ priorities although much of it is not undercover, and I think you need both particularly in the winter.

There will be spaces for lots and lots of polluting motorists – 180 and 80 stands for cyclists.

They state on their website ‘’:

“Cyclopark has at its heart a set of core values that sets out our approach to how Cyclopark will operate and perform…

Cycling crazy:

We are passionate about persuading people of the joys of being on two wheels, and passionate about providing high quality and innovative facilities for cycling.

Young in spirit:

We are vibrant,energetic, enthusiastic and fun.
Commercial in approach:

We aim to be financially successful so that it can keep investing in improvements.

Lots on offer:

We offer a range of leisure and entertainment activities, for all ages and
abilities, in addition to cycling – from yoga to dance, rehabilitation to triathlon.

Open to all:

We welcome everyone, whether they are a cycle fanatic or haven’t been on a bike for 20 years, whether they are 8 or 80, whether they are princes or paupers.

Passionate about the environment:

We care for the environment, and encourages others to do so too.

Active lifestyles:

We encourage people to have more active and healthy lifestyles.

Respectful to neighbours:

We aim to be valued and loved and at the heart of the local community.”

Here are the directions:


The main pedestrian access point to Cyclopark from the north is from Wrotham Road, off the A227 and from the south, the Ifield Court and Church Road footbridges. The main pedestrian access point to the Cyclopark from the north is from A227 Wrotham Road at Tollgate, just north of the A2 junction and from the south via Downs Road, and the Ifield Court (Weald Way) and Church Road footbridges.
Disabled Access

A number of additional pedestrian access points are located to the north of Cyclopark with disabled access gates, however to gain access from these gates you will require a key which is available upon request.
By Bike

National Cycle Route 177 runs the length of Cyclopark and is a short ride from Gravesend Station or Ebbsfleet International NCR177
By Bus

The A227 Wrotham Road Tollgate bus stop is currently the nearest bus stop to Cyclopark. The main bus service serving the A227 Wrotham Road and Coldharbour Road, near Morrison’s bus stops is the Arriva 306/308. This service operates at a frequency of one bus per hour on weekdays and Saturdays, running between Sevenoaks and Bluewater and serving a number of key locations including:

* Sevenoaks Railway Station
* Borough Green Railway Station
* Meopham Railway Station
* Gravesend Railway Station
* Northfleet (near Railway station)
* Bluewater

On Saturdays the bus service operates from 07.30 from Vigo and 08.30 from Sevenoaks to Bluewater with the last return services running to Vigo and Sevenoaks at 17.56 and 16.28 respectively. On Sundays one bus is provided every two hours between Vigo, Gravesend railway station and Bluewater.

The Arriva 499 service provides a high level of access between Coldharbour Road (west of Morrison’s), Bluewater, Gravesend and Riverview Park. This runs every 15 minutes from Monday – Saturday with an hourly service provided on Sundays.

By Train

Gravesend railway station, Meopham railway station, Ebbsfleet International railway station and Northfleet railway station are all within 5 km of the site. Gravesend, Meopham, Northfleet and Ebbsflleet International Stations are all within 5 km of the site.

By Car

Cyclopark is located close to the A2 to the south of Gravesend, Kent. Take the A227 junction, (Gravesend Central) and follow the signs for Cyclopark.”

Here are some FAQs from their website:

“How much will it cost?

The price will depend on what you want to do, but as a guide, prices will range from £2.50 for a 2 hour skate board or BMX track session, £1 per family for entrance to the children’s playground to £10-£15 for a regional British Cycling race or British Triathlon event. Other charges will vary depending on the time of day or week and who is running the event.

What can I do at Cyclopark?

Our aim is to bring first class cycling, running and extreme sports facilities to north Kent and be one of the leading multi sport centres in the south of England. We will offer an exciting range of activities for everyone from the enthusiastic beginner right up to the seasoned pro. To find out more explore the web site further.

Can I hire a cycle or other equipment?

We will provide a cycle hire facility for young children (aged 8 and above) for road racing and BMX or mountain bikes and for road racing and mountain bikes for adults. If funds allow we will also have for hire specially adapted cycles for those will physical impairments so everybody can enjoy Cyclopark (this is an excellent idea).

What are the opening times?

We will be open from 7.00am in the morning till 10pm at night, so if you want to get in some running or cycling before work or late in the evening we’ll be open.”


One response to “Cyclopark to open in Kent, Spring 2010

  1. jackgreen88

    It is a great idea Brilliant Facilities but a couple of Niggles. It mentions it has 180 Parking Spaces for CARS but only 80 Parking Stands for BIKES. It is supposed to be Dedicated to Bikes so Loads of Bike Parking is Needed. At least 200 or 300 and none Parking for Cars or very Little.

    Disabled People need a special Key to get through certain Gates, so they have to go off somewhere to get this Key which is unfair on them.Whatever happened to Normalizing Things for the Physically Disabled.

    The Bus Service is very bad at the Weekend ,on Saturday it stops at 4.28 pm and 5.56 and Sunday is worse.

    Is there any Cycling Lanes outside this complex preverably with a direct Route to Major Towns.

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