Critical Mass

I wonder how many took out some Cluster Bomb Barclays bikes yesterday. I read that there was free usage.

I bet a lot of ‘baggies’ for ones with slogans…

2 responses to “Critical Mass

  1. jackgreen88

    I seen these Slogans on the Real Cyclist Blog,It was nicely Designed with the Barclays Logo.

    It gets the Message across about Barclays Supporting the Weapons Industry . There is big Money in the Murder Business. All these Cluster Bombs are Killing Civilians on most occasions many Years after the Conflicts are over.

    They should keep putting more of these on the Bikes until Barclays stops being involved in Weaponry.

  2. I noticed that Real Cycling got his facts wrong, that they were ‘tedious whingers’ who complained about earthquakes.

    As everyone can see from the photo it was not about earthquakes.

    For me, an ethical corporation is important and whether I will use them or not.

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