Barclays Cycle Hire – Fiasco continues

Comments from cyclehireapp on Twitter:-

“Barclays Cycle Hire is currently suspended. We will let customers know when it returns to service. Please check later.” hmmm … 9 minutes ago via web

Yet more problems. They can’t run a piss up in a brewery comes to mind.


2 responses to “Barclays Cycle Hire – Fiasco continues

  1. There was no problems at all with the Dublin Vélib ( ) Launched last September from the first Day it went very Smoothly. Modelled very much on the Paris Vélib the same Type of Bikes only with Blue Coat Guards with the Logo of the Three Castles Arms of Dublin on it.

    Around 10,000 People signed up for it and there was no problems with the Brakes being to tight. The only problem is there is only 450 of them for Hire. Now there has been another 100 Bikes just added so that makes 550 Bikes in the System. There has been no Vandalism or Robberies of the Bikes and the People love them.

    We could do with at least 2,000 or more of them 550 is just not enough.

    I would rather the City of Dublin put in Dedicated Cycle Lanes instead of wasting the Money on these Bikes but however they are doing a good Job of getting People to use Bikes that have never done so before.

  2. It is mainly the site that has been down.

    I look forward to seeing the Dublin Velib in your blog one day.

    It sounds a bit ridiculous that there are only 400 bikes but maybe it will increase considering over 10,000 have signed up

    Is your Velib sponsored by any company at all – maybe another unethical bank?!

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