I am living off Jacket Potato & Beans

I am trying eat more healthy and lately I have been having jacket potatoes and beans.

However, most snack bars where I live don’t have much of a variety of healthy snacks. So I end up with jacket potatos all the time. I used to have jacket potatoes with cheese but they make me ‘pile on the pounds, and make me ‘look like a motorist’. I really don’t want that!

The thing with beans is that ‘you never know what’s in the sauce’. Probably lots of ‘nasties’ there too.

And the salads they have, are usually pretty boring.

Still, I am still making progress, even if I will end up having the same meal most of the time!


2 responses to “I am living off Jacket Potato & Beans

  1. Can you not Eat Al Fresco make up your own Food in a Lunch Box for yourself if out at Work. Make a Three Bean Salad.You have two Choices either Steep the Beans in Water overnight which is the Cheapest or Buy them in a Can. You can Drizzle White Wine Vinegar and a Drop of Olive Oil on it,you can also add Lettuce to it.

    For an Alternative you can use Tomato’s small ones if you have them ,some Olive’s ,Peppers, Feta or Cottage Cheese,some Basil Leaves, put Drizzled Olive Oil and Vinegar on it. If you wish you can use Fish as well like Cooked Prawns or Sardines or Pilchards or you could use Parma Ham if you do not like Fish.

    Make the Food up yourself and go Eat it in the Local Park far Cheaper than Buying Food in a Restaurant. Bring a Flask of Tea ,Coffee, Herbal Tea.

  2. Having a packed lunch would be ideal and it is nice to have one when the weather is nice.

    I do sit in the park a lot, but sometimes it is nice to have food inside when it is cold, and it is often cold:-) Also when you are inside, the newspaper doesn’t fly off into the distance when the wind is blustery.

    I think what I need to do is find somewhere to have a packed lunch where it is dry and fairly warm. I only know one place for that where I am, and if people are sitting there, I am stuffed!

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