My bike is a ‘status symbol’

My Audi driving ‘I won’t get in his car’ bro is having a snooty camera club meeting in a pub near where I live. Ironically it is the one where the ‘pub landlord from hell’ is. Personally I would boycott it but my bro says ‘they are only having drinks there’.

Anyway bro (who appears to be excited about the cycle hire scheme) has asked me if he can borrow my red MTB. Blimey. I think he wants to ‘impress’ the other motorists with his ‘fitness’. Maybe he wants to impress the girls! (Who said you need sport cars to impress girls, now it is MTB bikes).

Well I have given the bike a bit of spit and polish and given him a spare Skyride Hi-Viz vest and my helmet which fits him.

I look forward to hearing about his escapade into the 21st century.


3 responses to “My bike is a ‘status symbol’

  1. Maybe he has met a Girl MTB Rider at his Camera Club and is trying to Impress Her at the Meeting with his Prowess on a Mountain Bike. If he wants to keep using your Bike then you will know for sure if it is so.

  2. Apparently they were all gobsmacked that he cycled. And he said ‘well, I only live up the road’. That was good, just shows other local motorists how lazy they are.

    The snag is that the came back at 10pm with no lights.. He didn’t think he would be out that long.

    I will have to sort that out later and get a horn for the bike. Every bike have a horn.

    He said that it was scary dodging the potholes but he did enjoy it.

  3. Probably some Friends of his are getting interested in Bikes so he is doing the same to be part of the Gang. I hope he was not in the Pitch Black Countryside Cycling along it is Lethal. It happened to me when the front Light Failed and I was 40 Miles from the Nearest City Lights.

    I had to keep Switching it on after 15 Minutes because it just dimmed and went out. I was Cycling by the Light of the Sky and there was 9Foot Hedges on each side of the narrow Roads. It was extremely Dark. The Speed Limit was 100KM/H 60 mph but I am sure the Cars were going much faster than that.

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