Customising Panniers

British panniers are normally extremely boring. You know, you always see them in mainstream bike shops like Evans. Of course the Dutch have got it right with snazzy ones.However, many of us aren’t near any places that stock them and I have never seen any that ‘are jewellified’ (ok that’s my word:-)

My Bikehut panniers are very good and they have all the pockets I need, but they are gray. And looks dull and boring. I think they can still look smart for work and leisure if you ‘customise it’.

I have been regularly going to the haberdashery shop and there is some good stuff round. I have now embroidered a ‘string of waterproof shiny gold diamond shaped metal beads’ on my pannier so it looks ‘like it comes from Harrods’.

It will be interesting to see if I get any comments.

2 responses to “Customising Panniers

  1. Too true about boring panniers. I am resorting to making my own with bright ripstop nylon and colourful webbing to hold it all together. However, sewing and designing it is a lot more involved than one imagines.

  2. That sounds a great idea. Let’s get rid of grey! And what use is grey when you are in heavy traffic, we need to be seen.

    Sewing and designing is a craft and it can be very timeconsuming but it pays dividends in the end. I have had no end of compliments, just with simple embroidery.

    I quite fancy a radical ‘ethnic’ pannier, maybe I will have the only ethnic bike panniers in the whole of the UK. Panniers shouldnt always be so conservative.

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