The Coalition Government blocks No 10 E-Petitions

So most previous ones are blocked and we are unable to send create new any e-petitions, so if we want to get more speed cameras or improve road safety we cannot use the E-Petition website at the moment:

This is taken from No 10’s ‘E-Petition’ website:

“With a new Government in place a review is taking place of online services, including e-petitions. We are committed to improving the e-petitions process and are looking at ways of ensuring that it functions as part of a cohesive approach to public debate and transparent government. A full announcement on how we plan to use these and other services across Government will be made as soon as this important work is completed.

Existing e-petitions, submitted to the previous administration, will not be carried forward to the new administration as part of this process. E-petitions that were live at the time of the election announcement on 6 April, when the e-petitions system was suspended, will therefore not be reopened for signatures. We are issuing responses to petitions that had exceeded the 500 signatures threshold as of 6 April 2010 and these can be viewed on the HMG e-petitions responses page.

We will welcome resubmission on issues of concern to the improved e-petitions system when it is launched later in 2010.”


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