Feral Motorists carrying penknives

We had a guest at work who was a motorist and she was drunk and aggressive, according to my colleague and she had her car keys confiscated. When my colleague confiscated her keys, she found a pen knife attached to it.

When I spoke to the police they said that a penknife is allowed (and it appears they were more worried about her safety than the staff’s)

Here is what I found about penknives:

“Swiss Army knives are allowed, so long as the blade is under 7.62cm, however if any knife is used in a threatening way it becomes an offensive weapon.”

The problem is the keys could be in the hands of a feral motorist and they could easily attack someone in a road rage incident, and get away with it if there is no CCTV etc.

We had to give the keys with the knife back and we are now stuck with this wretched woman for several days. I have had to warn the staff that she is carrying a knife.

And a penknife was one of the weapons Jack the Ripper was supposed to have used when he went on his mass killing spree.

Another ‘comforting’ newsstory about another man who went rampant with a penknife:

“A man was arrested after attacking eight people and two police officers with a penknife, police said today.

The 54-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the incident in the Easton Road area of Bristol at around 4.50pm yesterday.

Eight members of the public and two Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) were struck by the penknife on a cycle path near to Russell Town Avenue.

It is thought an argument started at a house and spilled out on to the street. ”

And being car-supremacist , the British Government trusts our victim motorists to be responsible with their penknives but clearly they shouldn’t trust them, even OAPs, as in this story:

“A 69-year-old motorist was jailed for 18 months yesterday for stabbing another driver during a road rage row. Former handyman, James Hopkinson stared straight ahead in the dock as the jury found him guilty unanimously of unlawfully wounding Julian Gott, 45.

Mr Hopkinson stabbed Mr Gott, a surveyor, seven times with a penknife after he followed Mr Hopkinson’s Citroen Visa car to a car park.

Mr Gott had been angry when Mr Hopkinson had cut in front of his BMW 325 in the outside lane of Stanningley bypass in Leeds last September.”


One response to “Feral Motorists carrying penknives

  1. Small Knives are very Grey areas especially if they are under 4 Inches. I know a lot of People who carry little Knives on their Key Rings. If you are an Outdoors Person then you are more inclined to carry Knives.
    If you go Bicycle Touring and also Camp out or you Hike in the Hills then you will have a Survival Kit in case you lose all your Gear down a Hillside. Emergency Whistle ,Fire Steel,Waterproof Matches, Compass and also that Knife. If you go Fishing you will probably need a Filleting Knife, this is a very wicked looking Object but necessary if you are Cutting up Bait or for Preparing Fish for Eating.

    This problem has cropped up lately in Scouting and knives are more or less nearly banned now and a lot of Scouts do not use them anymore, but sooner or later you will need a knife for something.

    So as long as you keep it buried under your Gear in a Back Pack then no problem,only take it out when needed. I am talking about a large knife of course for Camping. You will need a small Knife for Emergency use which you will have to keep on your Person together with the other stuff I have mentioned in a Survival Pouch.

    As to the small little knife on a key ring,how many times did you need a Knife for opening Letters or Boxes and you had to go searching for one. If you bought something in a Shop and you wanted to try it out you are confronted by Plastic Ties and you can break your Fingers trying to get it open. It happened to me once with an Accessory for a Bike,I broke a Finger on the Plastic tie.

    Every Day of the Week we have the Potential to Stab anyone. We are surrounded by Knives Cleavers Hatchets and anything else to Hand,but we dont because of self control. Where do we draw the line on carrying stuff around like a knife.

    People are banned from carrying Knives according to the Law but it is still a very grey area.

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