Chris Hoy scares his passengers by crashing his Jag

Sir Chris Hoy who ‘flew his Jag’ out of a junction didn’t see a motorist who was passing.

It was lucky that no cyclists were around, they could have been hurt or killed.

It was disgusting that he drove this way, even though he had passengers with him.

As no one was hurt, it wouldn’t be regarded as a ‘RTA’ in the statistics.

This post from roadcc:-

“Sir Chris Hoy has walked away apparently unscathed after crashing his £80,000 Jaguar just yards from Manchester Velodrome, where he has been preparing for next month’s European Track Championships.

According to The Sun, the four times Olympic champion’s car collided with a Vauxhall Vectra when he was turning right onto a main road, resulting in its front bumper being ripped off and other damage to the front of the vehicle.

The newspaper added that besides Hoy, his passengers and the driver of the Vectra were all unhurt in the collision, which took place on Thursday evening.

A witness to the accident told The Sun: “The Jag came flying out the junction – the driver just didn’t appear to see the other car on the main road,” adding “afterwards Chris Hoy was talking on his mobile and appeared really shaken up. There were two passengers with him.”

Another bystander stated: “He was turning right. He must have looked left, seen it was clear and thought it was clear on the right.”

3 responses to “Chris Hoy scares his passengers by crashing his Jag

  1. He should stick with Cycling far safer. He never bothered to stop or Yield to Traffic on the Road, he should be Charged with Dangerous Driving and using a Mobile Phone.

    Ordinary Roads are not suitable for these extremely fast Cars,they should only be used on a Race Track.They are designed for going fast and very easy to pick up speed in them.

    Lets face it you are better off driving a Fiesta or a Golf you do not need all that Speed,those Sports Cars are only for Poseurs.

  2. I wonder why he needs a Jag in the first place. Does he have issues with self-confidence?

    He should stick to cycling, quite a agree. Maybe his car ought to get confisicated.

  3. Yahoo had an Article on it and in the Comments Section one Respondant said that the Jaguar was given to him by Ford who own Jaguar and Ford Sponsor the Sky Team which Chris Hoy is a part of.

    So that explains why he owns a Jaguar.

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