A New Mezzo Bike!

Not me, unfortunately, but my brother’s lodger has just bought a Mezzo fold up bike on Ebay for the bargain price of £450 totally unused.

He is about to be a ‘proper bike commuter’ and he’s already stocking up on the Hi Viz stuff.

I have had him and my brother outside my house this evening, knocking on my door, showing off the bike:-)

It is a nice green bike, that folds up well, though not as small as a Brompton, but is good enough for use on the train. I tried the Mezzo myself and it feels really sturdy and good over potholes. It doesn’t feel ‘wobbly’ like a Brompton. It is also pretty nippy and it only took 5 mins to get to the station, a walk would be about 15 mins. This bike has 9 years which is pretty good.

He starts commuting on Monday and hopes to cycle from Charing Cross to Bond Street. He has already been knocked off his bike by a lorry and HGV so already he has a’some experience’ with cycling in London. He was hit by a ‘left turn lorry’.

I may see him on my bike commute which will be odd. I start at 6.30 but I am not sure when he starts. We will wait and see.


2 responses to “A New Mezzo Bike!

  1. They are nice Bikes,they have bigger Wheels than Brompton so should be easier to take off Wheels to fix Punctures. I have seen a good few of these now in Dublin and they are Popular.

    I do not know how they Handle but they look very well Cycling along the Road.It is bad getting knocked off your Bike by a Truck very frightening even if you are not hurt. It is not always the Cyclists fault as these Trucks just cut you off most of the time and the Cyclist get Blamed automatically for going up the inside and it is the Truckers Fault for not looking where they are going.

    What are Cycling Lanes for anyway if you cannot Cycle on them without being Blamed for going up the inside of Trucks. There is a Crying need for these to be Separated from the Roadway and be given Parity at Junctions just like in the Netherlands. The Infrastructure is all Shoddy and second Rate ,you have to keep looking over your Shoulder in case you get Hit by Cars Trucks and Buses.

  2. Yes. the Mezzo wheels are bigger and they are easier to control. For example, if you want to turn right, the bike doesn’t wobble. And there is another bonus, the Mezzo bike uses ‘bog standard bike parts’ unlike the Brompton. The thing about the Brompton is that they are smaller which is useful on a bus. The Mezzo fold up is really light too. I think it is an excellent buy.

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