I actually have Saturday off work. Infact, I have 4 days off. Brilliant. Not only that but I also have 8 September off which means I can go to Tony Blair’s booksigning. I haven’t heard from Waterstones Piccadilly yet which is a pain. I will have to chase them.

Today I am off to do some cross stitching and then I will be off to the fabric shop to get some lace and bits and pieces for my embroidery practice.

Afterwards, I am meeting J. It looks like he will be staying in Wadhurst till November. We had hoped to go back to London but no such luck. I still haven’t even seen the Boris Bikes in ‘real life’.

Then we will go blackberrying and make a blackberry pie. It is now has become a tradition.

I have also been thinking of getting a wicker basket for my bike. I think I will get it around payday in September. My bike is still too grey for my liking.


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