Cluster Bomb Barclays Saga Continues

Unfortunately I have the ‘pleasure of being a customer of Barclays’, mainly as it has a lot of my stuff anyway. For one thing, my mortgage was with Woolwich and then it merged with Barclays… what a swizz. Fortunately, it doesn’t have my household insurance, that’s something. I have got another Bank that can take my stuff but generally from my ‘mobile phone experiences’ it is best to stick with one bank so that if a problem arises, ‘they can talk to each other’.

Anyway, my bank rang me to ‘see how happy I am with Barclays’ and I did say that I was very concerned that Barclays support the arms trade and I was thinking of leaving. I think it is important that their own staff realise what kind of bank they are working for.

I don’t think they were expecting that.

I also suggested that they bring back their comments forms.. and of course, I can mention that they support the arms trade there as well.


One response to “Cluster Bomb Barclays Saga Continues

  1. I would say they were upset or maybe the ordinary Staff are upset like the Person you spoke too but the Higher ups could not be Bothered as they see this sort of Protests all the time. Like Water off a Ducks back it just washes over them.

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