Current Blog Stats: 35,058

I have been having a look at my blog admin and have noticed that I have over 35,058 views. That’s a bit scary!

I have noticed that I have been blogging since March 2008, bar the odd ‘disappearance’ from time to time although I thought I was blogging before this.

Some commenters have gone and buggered off but Jack has stayed. The cheque’s in the post Jack:-) New commenters have cropped up from time to time to replace them though some have been trying ‘to flog stuff’ which is a bit annoying:-)

New bike blogs are springing up,and now there are more women bike bloggers at large. We are slowly getting there. Few still write about advocacy preferring to rabbit on and on about cycle chic which is fine, but after all while endless cyclechic stuff gets boring as it never seems to change much. I only do it from occasionally, that’s enough.

‘In the old blogging days’ I used to look at these cyclechic blogs a lot. Now I don’t. I am more concerned about not getting run over with feral motorists ‘losing control’ and their diabolical road skills, even though they have passed their test and the fact that our laws and roads still are ‘car supremascist’.

Since 2008, I was in London more and I could do more exploring, perhaps go on these architectural bike tours, glamour rides or critical mass. Now I am pootling around Kent, it is quite expensive to take the train if I am not going there anyway so now I am restricted to cycling to work, going to Wadhurst on the bike or shopping.

My long distance trips seem to be out of my vision at the moment. In Kent, most cyclists are in sexist clubs or they are too expensive for me to join or they are mostly for retired people. The clubs are still very limited to a certain type of cyclist, ie the white middle class 4×4 driving cyclist. The roads are still very poor here to cycle long distance alone. It is safer to make shorter trips.

In London they have critical mass but where I am – there is still absolutely zilch.I do not have a cycling social life here whatsoever.

Things have changed a lot for me since 2008. I expect things will change months down the line and I will be up in London before long. Still since I been down here I have been taking up more rambling and picking ‘frugal food; which is a lot of fun. The other day I hate sloes for the first time. They are really sour and weird. How on earth can people eat them raw. Ewww!

Since 2008, I have been more creative ie I’ve been out doing photography, sketching and now doing embroidery. As a solo cyclist mostly, I have to learn to be be happy on my own since I don’t kind of belong to these ‘conformist cycling clubs’. I have also been doing stuff for a road safety charity which has been a good positive experience and now I want to help out doing more stuff like this, perhaps going onto ‘meatier stuff’ and getting involved in the emergency services.

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