Feral Motorists & Fuel Thefts

I have asked some police stations if they can send me links about Wanted Motorists. I could help do a Twitter Hunt for them.

The more hassles motorists get being out on the road, maybe, more will get on their bikes instead:-)


2 responses to “Feral Motorists & Fuel Thefts

  1. The more Taxes and Fuel increases are Levied on Motoring the more will use Bicycles and hopefully it will lead to better Infrastructure for Cycling. In a Role Reversal more People will be Cycling than Driving when Fuel gets Dearer and so more Demands for a better Infrastructure.

  2. I think motorists will just steal more from petrol stations and siphon off fuel from cars. I bet they will be stealing even from their neighbours. Even disqualifying these anti-social motorists doesn’t stop them but may be the endless hassle of having one, eventually will.

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