The Jammy S*ds!

I was supposed to meet my bro’s girlfriend yesterday. I am not the most social person anyway but I had to brace myself for it. She had come all the way from Canada. Anyway we arranged a meeting but it turns out they both were away that evening… and guess where they are.. in Amsterdam, Bicycle country no less.

The worst bit is that they are going by car. Fools!

I did suggest that they go by coach which is miles cheaper than the car and less hassle but they said it was a lastminute arrangement. It sounds poorly arranged and they will have to put up with the horrible drive to the Ferry but perhaps when they reach Europe it won’t be so bad. I don’t know what the roads are like towards Amsterdam but they can’t be as bad as in Britain.

I also mentioned that in Europe that they have tougher laws on the motorist. I wonder if they even have a warning triangle in the back as some of these are compulsory in such countries.

Oh well, they can only learn from it. I expect that they will have the annoyance of the motorway on the way back too. After that, they will need another holiday!

Other than that, it sounds a great trip. I have asked him if he can take some pics of flowery bikes and maybe go to the Anne Frank museum. I doubt they will visit it as they are not very ”empathic people” but we shall see.

I very much doubt they will even go to the reknowned Sex Museums too.. but you never know:-)

I am just reading Anne Frank’s diary so it was particularly interesting that they are visiting Amsterdam.


2 responses to “The Jammy S*ds!

  1. I would love to be over there now myself,I am raring to go on another Trip there. I was there in 05 and I was in Paris first for a few Days then took the Train to Amsterdam then after a few Days to Brussels then Brugge. I was sorry I did not use a Bike to get around and regretted it which led me to get a Dutch Bike in 07 as I always loved them.

    I Prefer travelling by Train rather than Coaches that is whenever I am not travelling by Bicycle. If People are Wedded to the Car it is very hard to ween them off it.

    You are either a Cyclist all your Life or else a Petrol Head and the only way you are going to get a Car Driver away from them is if it is for Health Reasons. If they are worried about their Weight or else have problems with Diabetes then they will want to do Exercise and the Simplest and most Efficient way without Stress is Cycling. Unfortunately for most of these People it is to late and they wake up to late to do much about it.

    A lot of Countries now also Insist on having a first Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher as well as a warning Triangle,only right too as Cars sometimes go on Fire after Crashing and you could save somebodies Life.

  2. If I go there I want to have a good old rummage round the bike shops, maybe do a spot of sketching and visit the museum. I don’t think I will have much time for much else. One thing I remember is the dodgy Dutch food – very basic, potatoes and sausages. I will have to pysche myself up for that.

    I am now thinking of perhaps going there by coach and then camping which may reduce the bill. I would like to go by train but I think it will be expensive.

    Of course all this maybe all hot air.. you never know, I may buy a second hand Brompton if I see a dusty one in a bike shop.

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