The rain never seemed to end. It made it a lot worse as I was wearing ‘the wrong clothes’. And it was freezing.

One cyclist I saw ‘got it right’. He wore a long yellow mac, bright yellow trousers and a yellow hat. He looked like a fisherman not a cyclist.

Then I saw a male cyclist ‘wearing just lycra’ cycling along on a busy road, with cars speeding and splashing pedestrians looking rather nonchalant. We looked at each other, both surprised to see any cyclists out. I think he was even more amazed to see a woman cyclist in the rain:-)

One thing I noticed was that I got rainwater in my eye and it strung. Yes,the rainwater stung me. My eyes were red as I tried to wipe away the water. I couldn’t even open them at one point. I thought there were chemicals in it. If I had a chemisty set I would love to test what chemicals were in the rain. I thought rain water was supposed to be clean! Perhaps its acid rain.


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